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Northern Plains Railroad

Northern Plains Railroad (NPR) began operations in January of 1997 on a railroad branch formerly known as the "Wheat Lines" and has grown tremendously since our beginning. We now lease 388 miles of branch line track in North Dakota and Minnesota from Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), and operate lines owned by Mohall Railroad, Inc. (MRI), and Mohall Central Railroad, Inc. (MHC), which were purchased from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF).

At NPR, our goal is to deliver unbeatable transportation service to customers while providing excellent careers for employees. We reach for these goals with the same spirit that first brought these rails to the prairie. The hard work and dedication of our employees and overall commitment to growth show in an ever-growing customer base. Today, we ship more freight than ever before, run four times the number of locomotives, operate 100 more miles of track, and employ three times the number of people who worked for us when we first started.

Although we refuse to remain stagnant in the quest for growth and progress, customer and employee satisfaction are never compromised. We pride ourselves on our constant commitment to operating a safe and efficient railroad for the benefit of employees, customers, and the general public. We continue to offer better service to customers, while providing opportunities for employee advancement within the company.

Everywhere you look today at NPR, you will see a strong and vibrant railroad.