Canadian Northern Plains Rail Services

Northern Plains Rail Systems serves our Canadian customers through Canadian Northern Plains Rail Services Ltd.

Building upon our successful operation of short line railroads and delivery of third party rail services in the upper Midwest, Canadian Northern Plains Rail Services Ltd. can provide value to new or existing rail shippers with its operational, strategic planning, engineering, and commercial expertise.  We have an alliance with Dominion Railway Services Ltd. that can help rail customers develop track construction and expansion proposals and efficient operational plans.  By extension, we can also work directly with our customers to:

  • Source, purchase, lease, or supply suitable locomotives - for short line and industrial railways.
  • Provide rail car inspection, repairs, management services.
  • Provide third party transloading and logistics solutions.
  • Evaluate operations, equipment, and safety and rail managerial practice.
  • Provide rail operational management expertise.

We have excellent relationships with Class 1 railroads such as Canadian Pacific, BNSF, and CN - and we work with these carriers and the shipper community to develop solutions. We have alliances with two short lines in western Canada, and a solid network of experienced railroaders from both sides of the border to draw upon. Our seasoned railroaders are experienced in the most difficult operating conditions, and can provide significant value for our customers.

Our office in the Edmonton region is well-situated to take advantage of the energy and related growth now occurring in northern Alberta and western Canada.

Canadian Northern Plains Rail Services is continuously seeking opportunities in the Canadian regional and short line railway industry - and can be a partner in acquisition, operation, or marketing.

Canadian Northern Plains Rail Services

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