Our Car Repair Services is based in Erskine, MN and is served by the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR). Our Erskine, MN, location also sits directly off of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) interchange. We are also located directly off, with convenient access to, Minnesota US Highway 2.

Through our experience in the railroading industry, we have come to understand the value of a railcar in service and the expense incurred from an idle one. Our staff has over 45 years of combined experience in welding and railcar repair. We have a crew of professionals, including certified welders and car inspectors, who work hard to complete a job quickly and accurately. We have 2 shops, each with a capacity to hold 4 high capacity covered hoppers and/or similar railcar equipment, so collectively our facility can accommodate 8 jumbo hoppers indoors. In addition to our indoor storage we have the capacity to hold 90 cars on our privately owned track. We also have weather-protected and undercover on-site parts inventory to ensure cars get back in service as fast as possible.

AAR Certification

Our AAR M-1003 Quality Assurance Program guarantees that our welders and carmen are trained and certified to provide the best quality service to our customers. All of our technicians who perform these crucial functions are tested annually by AAR Inspectors to ensure they are fully qualified.

Mobile Field Units

We offer fully equipped field service units that can perform a variety of field repairs. This conveniently allows railcars to remain in service for customers that are unable to release them to our shop.

Computerized Billing

Computer billing has become a crucial part of today's business transactions, and we have obtained the data-processing base necessary to offer it. This minimizes paperwork and aids us in our effort to get the railcars back in service quickly.

Free Inspection and Estimates

We understand sending railcars away for repairs can be a stressful experience. Therefore, we provide onsite railcar inspections and estimates at no charge to determine exactly what repairs are necessary to get your car back in service.

Railcar Cleaning

We recognize the importance of having railcars cleaned between commodities and provide a lease turnback service or repair when it is needed. We offer a complete car-cleaning facility for cleaning commodity residue from box, gondola, hopper, and tank cars.