Our newest location for Car Repair Services is based near the north edge of Randolph, MN, and is located off of the Progressive Railroad (Cannon Valley Railroad).

Services performed at this location include the following:

Covered Hoppers/Open top cars

  1. Gate repairs or replacement.
  2. Hatch Cover repair or replacement.
  3. Any type of welding to car.
  4. Truck repair.
  5. Wheel replacement.
  6. Repair or replace all safety equipment on cars.
  7. Stenciling and touch up paint.
  8. Product removal and disposal.
  9. High Pressure wash.
  10. Apply seals and tags if required.

PD Cars

  1. Full gasket replacement.
  2. Butterfly valve replacement.
  3. Fluidizing pad replacement.
  4. Tank and line gauge replacement.
  5. Product removal and disposal.
  6. High Pressure water blast cleaning.
  7. Pressurized air dry after wash.
  8. Farina Blasting. (cold weather)
  9. Pressurized vessel.
  10. Apply seal tags.
  11. All car safety equipment.
  12. Truck repair.
  13. Wheel replacement
  14. Stenciling and touch up paint.

Mobile Field Units

We also offer field service units that can perform a variety of field repairs for customers that are unable to release cars to our location.