Track Repair and Maintenance

At Northern Plains Rail Service (NPRS), we are not only concerned with providing service for rail cars, but also for the tracks they run on. We offer unparalleled service in railroad construction and maintenance. Our team is dedicated to aiding our customers in every step of track upkeep, from the very first site inspection and maintenance of the finished product through planning for future expansion.

New Construction

Northern Plains Rail Services:

  • Design and build track, from plans to payload
  • Survey and stake for construction
  • Prepare drawings and specifications
  • Handle grading and drainage work
  • Construct track and turnouts
  • Redesign existing track layouts for smoother rail car movement patterns
  • Design extensions and additional tracks
  • Perform feasibility studies
  • Design
  • Provide preliminary/final drawings

Track Maintenance

Our company realizes that unexpected events are inevitable in the railroad industry, and we work to provide services to help our customers overcome and prevent such occurrences. We perform emergency track repairs and preventative maintenance, as well as surface and tie replacement. We also offer full support for disaster-related projects caused by washout, flooding, or derailment. Like any other equipment, railroad tracks wear out and need regular maintenance.

Therefore, we offer the following services:

  • Track structure inspections
  • Determination of repairs and/or maintenance required to keep the track safe and productive
  • Repair and maintenance service

Track Rehabilitation

Railroad tracks move out of alignment and wear out with time and use. At NPRS, we rehabilitate outdated or light rail tracks so they are able to handle longer, heavier locomotives and rail cars. We also change out broken and defective rails, remove and reconstruct tracks, repair switches, tighten and replace track bolts, and build up mismatched and profile-grinding railheads, in addition to reconditioning turnouts, switch points, and weld frogs.